One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

363/365: Home To The Ice & Snow

So I’m home again. I have to say it’s unusual to experience 22 degrees C in Florida yesterday, and -29 degrees C at home in Labrador. That’s life though, and Dexter and Amy promptly warmed me up with love when I got here. That’s it for now, I’m going back to snuggling.

The following photos are from my flight in today. It’s quite a contrast for me considering I was watching wind surfers in Tampa on the way in there, and I’m watching…….. well, nothing – just ice and snow here in Labrador. The second to last photo of is the Labrador highway and the last photo is of a river that hasn’t frozen completely yet, due to it’s current I suppose. So, snow machinists, be careful. I actually saw quite a few open sections in the lakes and ponds, believe it or not.

Take care.


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