One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

358/365: To the U.S.

I had a feeling the day wasn’t going to go as smoothly as I had hoped when  I went through the gates to get on my flight to Philadelphia and the plane wasn’t ready. Eventually, everything got warmed up and the plane had to be de-iced. Before we started we were 25 minutes behind schedule. Regardless, the pilot assured us we’d make up the time for our connecting flights. What we didn’t plan on was a snow storm in Philadelphia that kept us in the air for an extra 40 minutes.

I did manage to catch my flight to Tampa, Florida though, simply because it was about an hour over due for the same reason, the snow storm. And when we did get on the plane, we were taxiing and de-icing and waiting in a massive line up for take-off. Needless to say, I missed my connection from Tampa to Houston. I changed flights because it would be impossible to catch my connection in Houston to San Antonio. Then I changed flights again. Then I changed airlines. I went from Continental to American Airlines (the friendliest of the US air carriers I might add) however, Continental did do everything they could to get me to San Antonio. I appreciated that.

Anyway, here I am now in Dallas, waiting for my flight in another hour or so to San Antonio and with the family. Very much looking forward to it. It was a long day, starting at about 4 am (well, 3 am if you read my last blog entry) and I suspect it will end sometime after midnight in San Antonio. With the time changes, I think it amounted to about a 20 hour day running around in large airports trying to catch flights, flying, landing, rushing again for the next one. Changing terminals and airlines. I really do feel like I’m on that show, The Amazing Race. I have fears that the worst is yet to come, as I have my doubts about my luggage making it to San Antonio with me. Fingers crossed it does and I can stop dealing with the airlines for a few days.

But while it was a long day, I did get to see a bunch of airports, and my family will be at the last one to meet me, and that’s what it’s all about.

Here’s a few photos. I never really tried taking photos from the plane much before, mostly because the windows are always so scratched up, but some of these are sort of neat.

Something to note about these photos. When you’re trying to quit smoking, and have a long day, the NO SMOKING sign gets irritating very fast.

At one point, I had cream for my coffee and it was called Mini Moos…. and had a picture of an Indian girl cupping, what looked like, both her breasts!? (** Correction – upon closer inspection, a co-worker thought it looked like her hands were behind her back and, sadly, I have to agree. Oh well. I was tired. …. but I still like what I saw better: ) **)

The city at night shot is of Dallas.


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