One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

357/365: Halifax

I’m in the Halifax airport sitting up in the observation deck writing this. Not much to observe here, a couple flights every now and again and some pretty thick snow blowing around out there.  It’s just below freezing here whereas in Goose Bay it was -20 C when I left, and is suppose to go down to -41 C with the windchill tonight. And there was plenty of wind when I left. Hope Amy remembers to plug in the truck.

Anyway, the photo below is from the observation deck here in Halifax.

3 a.m. Update: So I found the one single spot on the observation deck where there happened to be 4 chairs/seats together without arm rests between them in which I could stretch out and maybe have a little nap. I get up and go for a little stroll and when I return, some dude is sleeping there. Oh well. Feeling sleepy, so I eventually find another row of chairs suitable for sleeping that isn’t occupied. Excellent. *To future Halifax over-nighters with early flights the next morning, the place I speak of is at the end of the food court, it’s surrounded by trees and kind of secluded.*

Earlier in the evening, I notice these signs around the airport – ” ATTENTION Please Do Not Feed The Birds.   ATTENTION. Ne Donnez Rien A Manger Aux Osieaux.” Birds? What Birds? They have birds in here? Maybe it’s just during the summer and maybe birds get in here, and maybe it’s actually a problem or something. I flew to Palm Springs in California a couple years ago and they had birds, but it was an open air airport. Anyway, I landed here at about 6:30 pm and I didn’t see or hear any birds.

1:23 a.m. I just start to get comfy. Chirp!! Chirp, chirp! CHIRP!! F@%#. You’re kidding me!? So, there are birds here. And they’re extremely loud, happy birds. And that secluded area I spoke of? With all the trees? Yeah, it’s their playground, and it’s right over my head. What do I do? I accept it, of course, and adapt.

10 mins later: Janitor starts cleaning and buffing the floors 10 feet away. I pull my coat around my head.

10 mins later: – No joke here – Fire Alarm. And it’s broken by an announcement of how the airport authority is checking into an alarm, so pay attention because if the alarm changes from a broken alarm like the one that’s keeping you awake, then you have to get out because the place is going up in flames. There is a pause of relief, then the message is repeated in French and more alarms. This takes place for what seems like eternity.

Ok, I can take a hint.

Thank Gawd Tim Horton’s is 24 hours. I go wash up, grab an extra large coffee and accept the fact that now isn’t the time for sleep.

If I sound bitter about this, I’m really not. I actually found the situation to be really funny. ….  it could be slight insanity from the lack of sleep though. 🙂


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