One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

355/365: Community Flavour 52

Some while back I mentioned I was thinking of doing a project after this 365 project was complete. I’ve formed most of the idea in my head over the last few weeks, and here are some of the details.

The project is called Community Flavour 52. Each week over the course of the next year, I plan to take a portrait of someone from the Happy Valley-Goose Bay and surrounding area. It will be a small, loose ethnography of sorts ( I picked up that word when I studied Socio/Cultural Anthropology in university –  about ten years later and after nearly $30,000 in student loans, and that’s what I remember -ethnography).

I’m looking to create a snapshot of this community by photographing the people in it. I’m interested in photographing the creatives in town – the painters, carvers and visual artists of all sorts,  film makers, actors, dancers, musicians, writers, bloggers, someone who makes/designs clothes. I’m also interested in photographing the people in town who are doing something to help the community – maybe you’re an entrepreneur running a small business that is improving the community in some way, or a volunteer with a cause or helping to raise awareness on an issue. It’s a pretty wide scope of categories, but that’s what creates a community.

I’m not originally from this town, so meeting these people each week is where the difficulty lies. And that’s where you can help.  I’m interested in meeting those who might fall into any of the above categories and would be interested in participating. And maybe I can help those participants in return. If I can meet you, then maybe I can introduce you and what you do, to the community. Maybe through this blog, you can meet like minded individuals and collaborate and share ideas. And maybe something good can come out of this. Maybe even something exciting.

If you know of someone who might like to participate in this project, or someone you think deserves a little recognition, you can leave a comment on this blog, the Community Flavour 52 blog or email me at


[Update: So, the Community Flavour 52 blog didn’t happen. On a positive note though, I really missed blogging and sharing my photography and chatting about whatever was on my mind. I have plans to start a new blog soon called The Rendered Pixel. It’ll be a simple blog with little direction, but maybe with some half decent photography. Maybe I’ll photograph some people who are doing something around town, or maybe I’ll just photograph what’s around me like usual. Who knows? But I will be looking forward to doing something like this again. I find myself missing  it.

Anyway, I am looking for a new platform that will make a good blog and at the same time, showcase some of my personal work all in one location. It’s taking some time to find something I like, and I don’t want to spend much (any?) $$ but if I don’t start blogging soon, then who knows when I’ll get around to it. Anyway, if the address changes and I find a new location, you’ll of course know. :)]




2 responses

  1. That’s a great idea, Howard.

    I think you’re more of a Photojournalist then a photographer after all lol.

    I’m actually really excited about that idea, I hope it all works out, looking forward to reading the articles you come up with………….
    ………………..You’ve sprung some ideas in my head now too.

    January 24, 2011 at 9:30 am

    • sednaphotography

      Thanks, Mandy.

      January 24, 2011 at 2:16 pm

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