One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

352/365: Transformation

I have “The Gym” completed. Weights assembled, cardio equipment in place, yoga mats placed on shelves and a tv mounted on the wall. Now is the time to transform myself. Ok, “transform” may be a bit strong, but I plan on getting slimmer and hopefully healthier.

Today’s photo is of my spin bike. I bought this baby at Winners when I lived in Alberta. I paid quite a bit for it (even by Winners’ standards), but it was well worth it and I have a feeling it still has quite a few years of use left. Considering it’s completely made of heavy steel/metal and weighs about 150 lbs, I feel comfortable in saying that. Regardless, before I got married 21 months ago, it was one of the key instruments in me losing 34 lbs in the months leading up to my wedding day. I hope it can help me again. Anyway, I have a date with it around 6 am tomorrow morning.

That’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow.

Photographer’s Note: around the time this photo was taken, I was eating a large bowl of Heavenly Hash ice cream. Motivation is key when it comes to a strict exercise regimen. Ice cream – I’m doing this for you.


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