One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

341/365: Electric Ostrich

I tried to post this entry last night, but my internet was out… again.

Anyway, I just deleted a big rant I had about the internet service in this part of the world that I wrote up on another computer earlier in the day, but I just got off the phone with Bell Aliant, and the guy helped me solve the problem. It only took about an hour (!), and he took me through every scenario that he could think of/read off the screen in front of him, when finally he said screw it, lets try this. So he had me run something in my command prompt, resetting something, then told me I had a spy ware issue. The issue I had prevented me from getting on the internet. The problem is solved now, and it also saved me from unnecessarily lashing out at someone for something that wasn’t their fault. Phew! I hate when that happens, you know, being presumptuous and giving in to frustration.

This photo from last night is really, really shaky, but it was also the coolest photo I happened to capture last night. I was taking photos of cars rushing by, dragging the shutter to cause the lights of the cars to stream, but this photo caught my eye because the shakiness of it makes it look like a bunch of electric ostriches running down the street. Well, that’s what I see – Ostriches – a rampage of electric ostriches. Who wouldn’t like to see that!?


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