One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

324/365: Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree…

Quote From Wife: “Hm. It could be the ugliest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen.”

This quote is my Facebook status from a few days ago. Seriously, the tree is pretty sad. We were looking for a tall, slim tree and we ended up with a tall, butchered tree. That’s what it looks like. The top 1/3 is really great, but as you lower your eyes, your eyebrows begin to furrow, and then you find your face contorting into a grimace. Some of our visitors try to hide this reaction when they first see our tree, out of politeness, but their reaction time isn’t quite quick enough to handle this ferocious assault on their visual senses.

When we picked out the tree it was hard to tell what the tree would actually look like, because of course the branches are tied up. Generally, the process when you get a tree involves cutting off the strings that bound the branches when you get home, and standing the tree up for a night or so, to let the branches fall and spread into a beautiful, breath taking symbol of the holidays. When we first cut the strings off, we didn’t have much hope. But like a good husband, I assured my wife that everything would look just fine in the morning when the branches had all lowered, and we’d have a lovely tree. When we saw the tree the next morning, our breath was certainly taken away alright – Amy screamed in terror, and I vomited. It was pretty bad.

Regardless, we were going to love this homely tree and welcome it into the family, albeit as the ugliest member. So we dressed Mr. Tall, Green, and Ugly in fine decoration, watered him well and (when the room lights are out), he’s actually turning out to be pretty good company. We’ll tolerate the furrowed brows, grimaces, and the occasional dry heave from our guests with understanding, and hopefully our guests will show us the same respect, and not judge us too harshly.  Understanding, empathy, and tolerance – one of those, at the very least, should be a pillar of the Christmas spirit.

The following photo contains a small portion of our tree.

Be good to each other.

2 more sleeps.


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