One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

278/365: Happy Birthday, Nathan!!

We went to Natasha’s house for her son, Nathan’s birthday. Needless to say, things got a little out of hand. For those of you who have met my wife, you know she’s generally a pretty sweet person, but sometimes…. well, just have a look at the photos. They are of Amy’s handy work. Natasha actually got Amy back a little, but Amy rushed off to the washroom before I could get a photo. It was an all out, cake-and-icing-filled battle. To be honest, I really thought for a moment that I was somehow going to get sucked into it, like a small township on the border between two large countries at war. This isn’t far fetched: I’ve been drawn into epic water fights with this family on more than one occasion (and I may have started a couple myself), and about 90% of these water fights took place inside. Like any intense fight worth the effort, it usually takes twice as long to clean up the mess afterward. Anyway, tonight I felt like a photojournalist in a war torn country: ducking, snapping, getting ready to split if the action got too hot…. it was nerve racking.

So, to end this entry, I’ll leave you with this life truth: It really isn’t a great evening unless someone throws some food. Am I right here!? 🙂


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