One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

270/365: Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!!

The following photo is of Dexter wearing his Halloween costume that Amy picked up for him. It also glows in the dark. Very cool.

As well, here are the results from the Pumpkin Carving Competition. It was a well fought battle. Thank you for voting, and a thank you to the teams for participating.

Last Place: #2 – The Sheppard Team Pumpkin

Third Place: #1 – The Francis Team Pumpkin

Second Place: #4 – The Broomfield/Andersen Team Pumpkin

 And The First Place winner of the Annual Pumpkin Carving Competition –  (Drum roll, please) …….#3  THE HABY TEAM PUMPKIN!!! (applause, applause!! Confetti, fireworks, embarrassed expressions and “can’t-believe-it-looks”) Yay, Yay!! 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who voted (even Hugh Ardon, who’s vote was discounted upon grounds of suspicion). It was a very close race with the Haby team winning by just one vote! There wasn’t a prize for this event, but bragging rights go far in these parts. Take care everyone, be safe tonight lil’ ones.


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