One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

238/365: House Guest Shootout.

Our first official house guest is our brother in-law, Adam. He’s in town for work, and decided to stay with us for the week. Little did he know there was a price to pay.

I’ve been shooting almost anything for this 365 project the past couple of weeks, but I really needed to get a good portrait session in. That’s what I felt I’ve been really missing the past little while. Luckily, Adam was generous enough with his time and kind enough to humour me by agreeing to sit for a portrait session. I was totally prepared to revert to a pre-school mentality and start a Can I take your picture, Can I take your picture, Can I take your picture, Can I take your picture,  onslaught of torment until finally, mentally battered and bruised, he would give in and I would get what I wanted. Thankfully it didn’t have to come to that.

Anyway, here are some photos from our shoot this evening. There’s a nice mix of classic and contemporary portaits, using both one and two flashes. Regardless, it was fun, and I appreciate being able to brush up and practice some portrait skills. And while they aren’t posted here, there are a couple that will be suitable for his facebook profile come Halloween. Very serious. Very scary. Good times. 🙂



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