One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

236/365: Karma Police

We took the dogs for a run on the beach here in town today. It was warm and sunny, and a great day for a walk. Hopefully the weather holds up, because walking is exactly what one person will be doing for the next little while.

Someone left their vehicle parked on the beach because it broke down. When they came back to get it, someone else had pushed it into the river. No joke. That’s gotta suck. When we got to the beach, all you could see were the tail lights.

The river is pretty shallow, except for one place where there is a small drop off. Guess where the car went…. yeah.  Anyway, the boys were able to tow it out without too much trouble. I’m not sure of all the details and I don’t particularly care to speculate, but I see it this way: someone has got a boat load of bad Karma coming their way.  What goes around comes around. I think that’s a pretty good rule of thumb.

Take care all, and be good to each other.


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