One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

222/365: Strobist Gelled Vivitar V2000

The following photo is of the Vivitar V2000 35 mm film camera I picked up at a yard sale this past weekend. I got it for $2 bucks and a flash for $1. I discovered tonight that the flash doesn’t work. I suspect the battery contacts. However, I did get a nice little film camera for less than a song.

I gelled a couple flashes to help display this little gem. I had a red gel on the back light pointing away from the camera and onto my LCD tv ( being in the process of moving, I am very confined for space – you might notice how white-ish the center circle of the red  flash is (2nd photo) – it’s because of how close it was to the tv)  and I placed a blue gel on another flash, that I had fixed with a grid spot,  to light the camera itself from the front and high to camera left. I noticed that instead of a nice fall off of light from the backlight, from the bright center to a nice red colour, you can almost make out a line like a halo. I think this is due to the material of the tv screen. It isn’t from saturation or vibrance adjustments, because I didn’t use any. Ultimately though, it’s not that bad.

I took a few practice frames, I adjusted my angle a bit, and I discovered something very cool. When I got low enough, about eye level with the V2000, I noticed the back light was coming through the lens. Of course this makes sense because the light is shining in through the viewfinder, off the mirror and out through the lens. Never having shot a camera with this type of set up before, I was pleasantly surprised. Very cool, thought I. It almost makes it look sort of new, as opposed to something made in 1989…. On second thought, the lighting could make it look very 1989…..  hm. Anyway, it was fun to use lighting gear that had cost  about 500 times as much as the price I got the camera for to help show this camera off. 🙂 As well, I wanted to take the oppourtunity to try and do something that I thought was a lot of fun before we move into our new house (just two more sleeps), because I’ll be pretty busy for at least a few days with getting everything moved and set up and I fear I may bring you some very boring photographs (hopefully the photos won’t be of the “this is a photo of my thumb  that I just smashed with my hammer” type). Take this as an apology in advance… just in case.


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