One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

206/365: New Plants

Tired. We shot a wedding today, and of course these events are an all day show. I’m not complaining at all, it’s just a fact. The good thing is that you shoot all day, and everything is love, love, love, and happiness, and at points you find yourself overcome with emotion and you really let yourself get eveloped by all the good feelings around you. The bad thing is, when you’re done and you turn the cameras off, you just let go of whatever it is that keeps you focused and deligent  for 10+ hours and all you want to do is crash.

That is exactly how we’re feeling, but when we got home tonight, Amy’s sister had dropped by to take care of Dexter while we were out, and she had brought some plants to us that our neighbor, who is moving, had decided to give us. That’s nice. Plants are always good. We used to kill everything that entered our home and lived off the sun within a month, but this summer we’ve had some luck. So a couple new plants are a treat. Anyway, that is what tonight’s photo is of: a couple new plants from our neighbor.

Good night all.


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