One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

203/365: Moving Sale

No, I’m not having a moving sale, but my neighbor did. I bought an old desk from him yesterday. His father bought it at an auction years ago. It once belonged to a college in Halifax that closed down. I think that’s the story…

Anyway, it’s an old typing desk. There is a panel where the book is resting  that raises up and slides back down into the desk, and another panel  rises up to take it’s place, all in one smooth motion. The new panel has an area made for placing your type writer, if you were to have one. My neighbor described this feature as the desk’s party trick. I’ve never seen a desk like this before, so I thought it was cool and bought it immediately. And it came with that old fashioned wooden school chair. I remember those chairs from when I was just a wee lad. Mostly, only the teachers had them, but every now and again I’d end up sitting on one – shifting around, switching cheeks to get comfy, wondering if I was going to get a blister – yeah, that hasn’t changed.

Anyway, if my laptop liked me, maybe I would be writing this from that very desk. As it stands, my laptop and I hate each other equally. I, however, have the advantage of…  having thumbs! One of which will one day be used to help grip a hammer as I smash my laptop into tiny plastic pieces. I may even get dramatic and scream die! die! die! during the process. The hardest part will be explaining to my wife that it just crumbled into dust when I accidentally dropped it to the floor…. ….Where was I?

The desk. So, I think the desk is kinda great. It’s got character. And a party trick, so what’s not to like?

Thanks for dropping by.


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