One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

194/365: Hannah & Pam

My neice Hannah and her friend Pam volunteered to be my models for this evening. I’m pretty much looking for any opourtunity to break out lights these days to get as much practice as I can with them. There was barely a cloud in the sky all day, and I thought this evening would be a beautiful one for some photos. Lucky for me, it’s been a few months since I photographed Hannah and she was willing to help me practice a little. There were some monster sized dragon-flies swarming around this evening that almost had them running for the truck, but they bravely stood their ground. Thank you, Hannah & Pam! You guys were awesome as per usual, and I really appreciate your help.

In the second and third photos, a dragon-fly managed its way into the frame. The last frame I like simply because I shot at a low shutter speed and got some movement in the wall behind them. These are just a few quick choices from a ton of nice images this evening, I just don`t have time to be picky tonight.

Take care all!!




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