One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

154/365: Pam And The Power Of Flash

Amy’s sister, Natasha and her two kiddies got back from Florida today. After their softball game, I was lured into her house with the promise of food. At first I was thinking I should run out for a quick photo for the blog first, before it gets too dark, but pretty much as soon as the offer was made, I just went for it. On the way in, I noticed Hanna had her bike outside and an idea for a photo came to mind. With the idea part of the project accomplished, I stuffed my face and went upstairs to talk with Hanna and asked her if I could take a photo of her. She declined, but volunteered her friend Pam!! Pam also had her bike outside, and she didn’t hesitate too much, so that’s good enough for me. I had a subject.Thanks, Pam, for helping me out. You rocked it!

On another note, this entry will also serve to show you the options available to you when you get that flash off the top of your camera (“As God intended it to be,” would be how Zack Arias would put it). I know this can be costly, but there are many cheap options out there until you learn the ropes, or to last you your whole life, and the cheaper options are only getting better with time (I’m no expert, but I went all out in the beginning and I’ve had no regrets – the magical Pocket Wizards). **(I just checked the Strobist blog this morning -Thursday, July 8th- I guess me and David Hobby, the creator of the site, were sharing some thoughts as he has a big blog entry on this today.)**

The first photo is without flash. I took this photo by accident actually (shot a frame before my flash had a chance to recycle/ build up the charge) but I had already exposed to capture the detail in the sky (the ambient light) and that is what you see. That black spot in the top left corner is a canoe – we were shooting in tight quarters.

The second photo is with the ambient light exposed the way I wanted it to be ( same as the first photo – 18 mm f 5.6 @  1/200th), but with a flash to the left of camera about 10 feet away @ 1/2 power. Just a bare flash on a tripod which is why the shadows are so deep (waiting on an umbrella and proper light stand to arrive any day now, for almost three weeks). So the first and second photos are pretty much the same, minus the off-camera flash. Anyway, pretty freakin’ cool, in my opinion, but I just love this stuff.

The third photo I threw in because it was the one I actually liked the most, and while I also like the first two, they really just support what I blabbed on  about. The first photo with Pam as a silhouette is actually kind of neat though.

I didn’t and don’t intend this blog to be any type of tutorial, there are many, many sites out there that are much better at teaching and explaining than I am, with much, much better and more knowledgeable photographers behind them . … but I have to write something! If you are interested, and really want to learn stuff, browse the list of blogs to the right. Those guys know their stuff. **(Note: I have changed the look of my blog since this entry. You can find the list of blogs at the very bottom of the page.)**

Thanks for dropping by, take care.



2 responses

  1. Again, brilliant ideas! those photos look really cool. How great that you can get models from time to time, haha. I like tuning in and learning something!

    P.s. to answer your question, no I haven’t been able to find any other Goose Bay bloggers unfortunately, I’m sure there are some out there because out of 8xxx people there has to be more then a handful of creative people.. google just won’t expose them to me lol.

    July 8, 2010 at 8:54 am

    • Howard

      Thanks! I know, I’ve asked the google as well, and the only other blog I really came up with was the “Them Days” blog. I got tired of looking.
      In terms of models, thankfully Hanna and her friends are generally easy to get along with in this regard. Sometimes I’m tempted to ask people, but chicken out. You now how it is. I think I’ll try and be more forward now though. After the 365 Project is complete, I’m going to do a 52 Week Project, and do a portrait of someone each week. Should be interesting. I’ll put a call-out sometime for volunteers. Actually, I’ll might even start it in October or November when everything slows down and I can plan a bit more.

      July 8, 2010 at 9:09 am

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