One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

147/365: The Flat

It’s raining cats and dogs out there today, and I had to change a flat. This isn’t anything unusual, apparently I only have to change a flat tire during the worst weather. The last time I had to change a tire was sometime in January or February. There was a blizzard going, and it was about – 30 degrees C. This time, instead of freezing, I only nearly drowned.

And I had to jack the truck up three times before I felt comfortable enough to take the tire off. The first time was in my driveway, which isn’t paved. The truck was rising and that jack was sinking and going sideways. I said to myself, “Self, think about this.” Meanwhile, I’m drenched and full of sand and mud. I drive over to Amy’s sisters to use their concrete driveway. Much better, but I felt there was a better place to put the jack, and sure enough there was. This time I got it right. Thoroughly soaked, I finally got the tire on. It wasn’t hard, it just took some time and I was getting miserable. So guess what the photo today is of?

Now, you have to understand something, sometimes I take a half decent photo, and sometimes ( like today) I don’t. Today’s photo isn’t going to get me a Pulitzer prize for photography, but at the end of this project I’ll probably make a book out of this blog, and my future kids, and family, and friends will see it at some point and I’ll reminisce (I can’t believe I spelled that right on the first try!) about the shitty, rotten day I had to change a tire on our truck and got drenched. I’ll also remember that it was the day before Canada Day during, quite possibly, the worst summer weather I have ever experienced to date. No, wait! There were a couple summers that weren’t so hot. Oh yeah, the summers I spent living 100 km inside the ARCTIC CIRCLE!! At least during those years I was surrounded by the unusual, lonely, yet majestic beauty that only the arctic can present to you in summertime.

Sorry for my tone today. I actually feel much better now after a hot shower and a glass of wine. I guess I’ll just leave it at that.

See ya.


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