One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

144/365: Sunday Drive

I got up this morning and took a drive out towards Northwest River. It was raining, and quiet, without a lot of traffic. I stopped along the way and took a photograph. This is it.


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  1. I like driving down the striver road, the trees are really welcoming.. more so though in the fall of the year. Try putting your camera down on the ground with self timer and taking one, makes everything look so much larger then life. If you’re not keen on letting your camera down on the road (or lying on the road like I do lol) just hold the strap so that it’s enough off the ground to get the lines in the middle of the road too.. it looks pretty cool. Bonus, if it turns out squishy looking (haha pardon my illiterate terminology!)then Lightroom 3 got some pretty nifty new tools to straighten it up nicely.

    This is a photo I took down on the road that goes in to the yacht club.. (near otter creek)

    and not quite on the ground, but only like a foot or so up from it,

    June 27, 2010 at 9:00 pm

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