One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

141/365: Craft Day

So Amy is gone to Labrador City for a couple days and I’m sitting at home with not much to do. I wanted to take Dexter to the beach, and I still might, but it’s raining on and off and I’d like to bring him for a swim when it’s nice so he can actually dry off before I bring him home. What to do then? I thought to myself, “I need a new grid spot!”

And I do. My first one worked really well, but looked like crap and eventually fell apart when I dropped something (my camera) on top of it. The next one I made was a grotesque monstrosity. I pulled it out while we were on a shoot and took a few photos with it and after the shoot Amy said, “If we’re going to be using a grid spot, we’re buying some because that thing is just embarrassing.” She had a point, too. It was. But I was thinking about how the photograph would look.  I was in the zone. Regardless, point taken. The photos were pretty cool though. 🙂

I hop online and look to buy some grid spots. Almost $30 for ONE! And you need this strap thing to hold it to the speedlite which is sold separately. Well, that’s not happening. This photographer is on a very tight budget, regardless of all the temptations and daydreaming I do. I could use that extra $60-$100 with shipping to buy something I can’t make. Tell you what, by the end of the wedding season, maybe, MAYBE I’ll buy some. For now though, time is something I don’t mind spending. And this one is going to be awesome….. I’m pretty sure. …..

Tomorrow is Friday!! 🙂


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