One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

124/365: Wine-y Monday

Well, there was no snow today but the rain is just pouring out of the heavens!! So today, like other days when I don’t like the weather, I just try not to think about it and I try to ( through the magic of the imagination) transport myself somewhere else. I don’t always try to transport my entire body though, sometimes it’s only a part of me. For example, I’m sure the weather in South Africa or Australia is much better than it is here today, and so this evening I have elected my taste buds to take a trip to either one or the other. If it gets any worse outside, I may even allow them to visit both!

On another note, the rain may very well prevent the softball season from starting today. Amy will still have to show up, but it’s unlikely that they will play. And something else as well, I’ve started my new job today. I’m pretty excited to be actually earning a living again. And while I may miss my unemployed life just a little, I do realize it really isn’t something you should let happen too often, or for too long.  So long hours of photo making, reading and movie watching. So long sleeping in, lunchtime dog walks, and mid-afternoon naps on the couch. I will miss you.


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