One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

119/365: Old Chair

More found junk. I was driving around today, having a coffee and looking for a photo. I  turned down this road I’ve never been on before, which lead to a dock where  a bunch of boats were tied up. Off to one side of the road there was a small clearing with a chair sitting atop of what looks to be a broken desk. I’m usually intrigued by something like this: something (discarded junk) that looks so out of place in its surroundings. Anyway, maybe I just came at the right time, and this has only been sitting here a short while. I hope so, because the dump is literally just 3 minutes up the road. The chair does have a nice colour and shape though!


One response

  1. Mandy J Poole

    Haha! I saw this old chair down at the ‘mini wharf’ as I have dubbed it. After I took a picture of it I spent wayy too long trying to figure out where it might have been placed before it’s unhappy ending here. I figure it might have been on board one of the two longliners docked out from the wharf. Interesting color though eh? I like the effect you have put on the picture as well.. really makes it look like film.

    June 11, 2010 at 7:31 am

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