One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

111/365: Barney’s Version

The following photos are of one of my favorite books, but it could be my absolute favorite. This is a big statement for me, because  if you were to ask me what my favorite music was, or movies, or books…. you’d probably get a blank stare, accurately representing what is going on in my mind when posed with this question. I like a lot of stuff, a lot of different kinds of stuff, so I find this question difficult. BUT with that being said, I think I have found a favorite in the world of books.

I gave up reading Moby Dick because the language is dated and difficult (duh!) and the story was taking forever to unravel and yes,  there is a lot of theme stuff and symbolism and all that, but I don’t give a rats ass as to the significance of the colour white in the book! I want to read something that will pull me in for an hour or two and not let go. Anyway, I read another book (On Writing by Stephen King – excellent little book) and now I’m reading Mordecai Richler’s book, Barney’s Version. I’ve read this book twice before and I’m looking forward to reading it again.

I know some people who will never read a book twice and never ever watch a movie twice, and good for you, there is a lot of material out there to take in so why not keep moving on to the next thing? I’m not like that though. I will read a book a number of times, watch movies over again and that’s what I enjoy. I always take something new out of the repeated experience and will probably enjoy it just as much as well.

Anyway, I’m headed outside now to finish some reading and start the bbq. I highly suggest you check out this book if you haven’t already. The characters and the writing in general are absolutely top notch! And it’s hilarious as well. You’ll feel you should hate the main character, Barney, but you’ll mostly likely love him a little bit.


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