One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

110/365: Junk

As much as I like to photograph some of the stuff I find on the “Canadian Side” of the base here in Goose Bay, I am also disturbed by it. Take today for example, and the following photos. I kinda find something interesting in the photos, but the area where I found all this junk is, put simply….. beautiful. Maybe it’s the contrast of finding all this crap littered throughout such a nice space, the remnants of an industrial/military presence now gone that I find interesting.  It’s a huge green space, a meadow surrounded by trees. And there are a couple of areas like this,  all connected together and separated at the same time by trees. Lots of trees. It should be cleaned up and turned  into a park.  There’s minimum traffic, and it would be a great area for picnics and kids and “play” space for friend and family gatherings. Anyway, maybe it’s all privately owned or something. I don’t know. This area is just such a mess.


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