One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

107/365: Snowy Day In May

Snowed last night. If it didn’t also snow last week, I’d be o.k. with  it. It’s almost a May 24th weekend tradition in this part of the world. I have a feeling today will be the last day of snow though. I mean, it’s freakin’ May 21st !! Yesterday it got up to 18 degrees C by lunch time, and then by dinner time it was snowing. Well, Dexter and I were not impressed this morning as I let him out. I think he is also getting tired of tracking muddy paw prints throughout the house.

I didn’t let the snowy day in may affect me though. This afternoon I got out and attended a talent show at my niece Hanna’s school. It was pretty cool, and the kids from the school were ridiculously supportive. They were all cheering and clapping and having a good time. That wasn’t the way it was at any school I went to when I was growing up. When there were talent shows happening at my school, it was more like that movie with Hugh Grant, About A Boy I think it’s called. People were teased and heaven forbid if you did happen to make a fool of yourself.

I’d like to go on a rant about past generations vs. the coming generation of kids with all their toys and gadgets (I’ll admit, there is some envy), but in the end it comes out to this:  they’ll be as good a generation as we were. Probably better. I was just blown away by the support of the student body. Anyway, I put some photos of Hanna and Pam rockin’ it out on stage. Man they did an excellent job. I was so impressed.  If you follow this blog, and you were at the talent show, I was the guy blasting away with the big flash.  Amy said to me when I came back to my seat, “My God, that is so bright!” I cringed and looked around, put my camera away. I thought to myself, well, I needed to get the shot. So to any one I may have blinded, I’m sorry, I just needed to get the shot. 🙂


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