One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

106/365: Molly

This is Molly, the smallest cat of the three we have. I believe she’s also the smartest, and definitely the coolest. A while back I taught her to roll over. Seriously. She performed this trick a number of times over a period of a couple weeks or so, and then she never did it again. Luckily I have video of it. When I tried to get her to do it again, she just gave me the “and why don’t you just die” look. You know how snobby cats can be.

She keeps me amused though, with her over reactions to Dexter and her acrobatic antics. She’ll often come into a room, look around until someone notices her. Once eye contact is established, she’ll run, leap into the air and, kicking off a wall for a quick change in direction, she’ll then go sprinting into the nearest room. About five minutes later, she’ll appear from the room and slowly walk around as if nothing happened. I have a feeling she gets a small thrill out of impressing us but doesn’t want to show it, but I give her a little scratch behind the ears anyway. This little show is one of the only ways she shows us she cares.


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