One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

104/365: Sync Speed Discovery

I had a fun shoot today with Jackie and Tyson, and that is where the following photos are from (check our Sedna blog later this week for more from the shoot if you’re interested). The day was amazing, weather wise. After about 4 weeks of rain, drizzle, fog and snow, we finally had a nice day.

The interesting thing about these photos is that they were shot with a sync speed (the maximum shutter speed with a flash) of 1/250th of a second when, technically, I should only be able to shoot at 1/200th. I thought I’d give it a shot today during the shoot, because I made this little discovery today messing around in the back yard. It just allows me to break out the flash a little earlier than usual, and with luck, I can create a more dramatic photo. Sure,  a lot of cameras have a high speed sync, but your flash has to be on your camera (usually with sub par results), or connected by a cable. Anyway, this stuff gets me excited, and I think it’s pretty awesome. So, strobists, check your sync speeds to see if you can get a little more out of your camera. A little can go a long way.

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