One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

99/365: Feelin’ Good.

So I figured I’d start getting active again. Just over a year ago, I got into pretty good shape and dropped about 34 lbs before I got married in Cuba. I’m off to try it again… and actually keep it up this time. Last time I thought I would be able to keep active and in shape, but I was able to kept the weight off for months and months and got used to not really having to do much. I haven’t gained back all the weight, and that’s not the real reason for my new found drive to be healthy. This time around, it’s not so much about getting into shape to look good or because my weight is worrying me, but instead it’s about being healthy and feeling good. I’m not old by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t want to start feeling old before my time either. I figure I’ll put the time in now, cement some health habits into my life, and I’ll be able to enjoy life a little more well into my later years.

When I was younger and an athlete, I was big into weight lifting. I still enjoy it, but not to the extreme I used to. Looking back on it, lifting heavy weights has probably caused some of my joint issues today. Maybe I was doing something wrong, or lifting too heavy, or just being young and careless (a result of the invincibility you feel in your youth). The last couple years I’ve become interested in yoga, and during my wedding preparation I loved doing yoga. I swear by it. It’s really fantastic. I’ve had back problems and joint issues for years now, but when I was doing yoga they all went away. That alone is reason enough for me to keep up a solid yoga regiment. So yoga, cardio, and some sensible weight lifting should do it. That combined with healthy eating, which really isn’t much of an issue… … now, how much I eat, is a different story. I just love food! 🙂

Well, all this blabber brings me to my photo and the inspiration behind it. Thanks for dropping by, and wish me luck. Better yet, why not start doing a little something yourself!? It’s never to late to start.

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