One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

96/365: It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

It’s the sky!! Ahhh, the beautiful blue of the sky broke through today for a short while. But only in tiny patches. The day was a little brighter than it has been these past weeks, so we’re making some progress towards spring. Hopefully it will get here before it’s over.  Well, you know what? That’s enough weather talk for a while. A long while. I’ve been consumed by it for some time, but no more!

Anyway, good news and bad news. Good news first? I got the job I was hoping to get today which means  I won’t have to leave town/the province/the country for work, which means I can continue this blog, which means I am a very, very happy person. Yay for me!

Bad news? Ok, it’s not terrible news, but someone broke into my truck last night! Well, actually I forgot to lock it, so I guess I’m being dramatic. Unfortunately, despite the many, many warnings of my wife, I stupidly left my wallet in there. They went through it and took….. nothing. I didn’t have any money in there (haha, suckers! Here’s to being broke-ish!!)  but I did have credit cards in there. Though they weren’t touched either. I even left cheques in there that I forgot to cash and they remained right where I left them. It seems someone just wanted to see what kind of stuff I left in my vehicle! Upon seeing what I had, they/he/she left the console open, my wallet spread on the passenger seat and continued on their merry way.

Then I got to thinking. Were they actually out to do a good deed? Was the idea Lets make the people of the neighborhood aware that other people steal stuff, , their motivation? It’s like I got a visit from the Friendly Neighborhood Crimes Awareness Fairy.  Well, thank you Crimes Awareness Fairy, lesson learned.

On another note, I’m somewhat dissappointed that this seemingly criminal activity happened on Mother’s Day. Didn’t they read my entry yesterday on mothers raising good people? Apparently not. Shame on you, qausi theives, I’m sure your mothers have taught you better, and you should be embarrassed.  …. on the other hand, if you weren’t taught any better, and if life is giving you one heck of a bad time, I hope things turn around for you soon so you won’t have to resort to such desperate behaviour. So, good luck. And try to find another way.  ‘Cause some people  can get crazy when you mess with their stuff.


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