One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

74/365: HDR Sunday

The thing with HDR, like it or not, is how it can really make the boring things look sort of interesting.

The Canadian side area of town here in Goose Bay is swamped with old dilapidated buildings and car wrecks, old trailers and containers. On their own, I see potential for some cool images, but I really like taking HDR images of things like this because HDR allows you to bring out the age of these objects. It shows more clearly the wear and tear these objects have undergone throughout their life. A regular photo can show this too, but I feel like HDR can highlight these things better, helping you focus on the details and maybe at the same time encourage you to think about the life of these objects. Who drove them? What were they used for? If you’re like me, maybe even think about the lives of the people who used them. A few photos down, there is a photo of a steam roller, and so I think about the groups of men who used it to do work, and how they all interacted with each other on a daily basis getting through their 8 or 12 hour shift. The joking around, the hard work. Why was it just parked and left behind a bunch of alders? How long has it been there?

The first photo caught my attention because I’ve never seen a white wheel on a tractor like that. I’ve driven a number of different trucks and I’ve never seen a white steering wheel in one. So the colors just caught my attention. The very last photo I like as well, because you can see the Pepsi trailer through the window. Something with the name of a huge corporation and it’s just rusting away there next to this beat up old trailer. There’s a bottle of Fruitopia fruit juice on top of those large cans, and I wonder if someone has been doing work around here in the last year or so. Maybe the last week or so?

Anyway, images like these get my brain working because they all have a story, and sometimes images like these bring about heavier thoughts that touch a sad note when you think about how wasteful we humans are, and how it affects the planet. But that’s a giant topic that involves long conversations and complex opinions on such things as our mentality as consumers and the responsibilities of manufacturers and corporations and of our society. That’s too much for a Sunday. And this blog is about photography and the sharing of images that give me pleasure and hopefully will give you pleasure too.  I hope I didn’t bum you out. So happy thoughts, happy happy thoughts!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


2 responses

  1. Mandy Poole

    I think I saw you up on c-side today lol! My boyfriend and I were driving around up there looking for something new to take a picture of (like I haven’t exhausted it already!) and I figured you would be out taking something to update this blog with (hehe, I was right!).

    I get the same sort of feeling when looking at all the old buildings and machinery left around.. actually, here’s a nice page for you to check out. If you haven’t seen it already, you might even see some of these pieces of equiptment there and figure out a story or two!!/group.php?gid=2407248478&ref=ts

    April 18, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    • Howard

      I didn’t know that page existed, thanks for passing that along.
      You saw me down there, did you!? Your my first stalker, lol, just joking. You should have dropped over and had a chat with me. Thanks for the comment.

      April 19, 2010 at 7:14 am

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