One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

72/365: My Woman Left Me And She Took My Dog

The title to today’s entry isn’t the title of a bad country song, and it’s acutally true. Amy did leave me and take my dog, …. but only for the weekend. Amy and her sisters and mom, along with the dogs (three of them), are spending the weekend at a cabin somewhere off the Labrador Highway. I would imagine they’ll have a great time, unlike us left behind in Goose Bay. As I type this, I’m watching the snow falling outside through our kitchen window and trying to decide if it’s actually getting thicker and thicker, or if my eyes are playing tricks on me.

Snow like this is the perfect excuse for me to get take-out for dinner this evening,  hunker down on the couch and get my geek on. I plan on watching a number of 80’s sci-fi movies. One I want to watch, ’cause it dipped under my radar, is Outland (1981) with Sean Connery (Sean Connery in a sci-fi flick? That guy was James Bond and now he’s a police marshal on one of Jupiter’s moons!?). He played 007 again in 1983, so I’m guessing Outland couldn’t have been that bad. I’m sure it will be cheesy and possibly hilarious. Although it could be awesome! Only time will tell.

So that’s my exciting plans for the weekend (did you catch that dash of sarcasm?). Oh, and I’ll be catching up on a lot of sleep. I’ll either let the house be a mess until about 2 hours before I expect Amy home on Sunday, or I’ll get everything in order now and just relax the next couple of days. Although, upon actually thinking about this, I got a feeling the former will be the most likely.

The photo below is what I captured before the snow came. I noticed a few flakes here and there throughout the afternoon, but wasn’t expecting the state of things outside. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. Although my cats are going to drive me crazy, because they’ve been meowing and meowing to go out like they have been able to do the last few weeks, but when I open the door they get freaked out by the snow and go running back inside. Then they start over again as if they didn’t just see the potential blizzard outside.

Well everyone, I hope you all have an excellent weekend. Thanks for dropping by.


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