One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

63/365: Nausea And The Art Of Spinning.

The following photo is a self portrait (duh). It’s of me spinning in my office chair, hence the blurred background. I had a mental block today and couldn’t decide on a photo that I really wanted to take. I guess that is bound to happen, but I’m not bothered by it considering it’s 63 days into this project. Anyway, nearly made myself sick. It’s over an hour later now, and my head still feels yucky. I heard that leading each spin with your head, and then letting your body follow is a good way to avoid getting the spins, but it’s hard when you’re trying to take a photo of yourself.

I’m not the carnival ride type of person (can you tell?). If I get bugged enough, I might try some rides, but if it spins I am absolutely not going to do it. I once went on “The Swinger”, which is just a huge swinging contraption with two rows of swings that fly out with the centrifugal force  created. I got up the nerve to try it because I got tired of watching everyone else having a great time. Hair flying, kicking out their legs and getting tangled up with their friends, even trying to take each others shoes, everyone I watched on the ride seemed totally oblivious to the fact that if those tiny chains break, they’d be flung a hundred feet over the softball field fence, and into the ocean.  And you know what? When I tried it I felt fine. I had so much fun in fact, I did it again. And then again. But I was deceived!

I remember sweating up a storm on the ride home and I even felt pale, though I was probably closer to olive green. Upon arrival at home, I promptly vomited my way to the front door, went inside and washed my face then fell asleep. I never did try “The Swinger” again, though I’ve seen it a bunch of times since. It still looks like a death trap and I still remember how sick it made me. I also remember the first two rides being really great.

Something I learned from making the following photo: I really have to shave. Thanks for dropping by, all.

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