One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

50/365: Spring Time!

Before I begin:  I would have made this entry about an hour and a half ago, except I had a terrible experience at Don Cherry’s sports bar here in town and it took forever to straighten everything out, without any satisfaction, and so I’m only getting around to it now. The manager there acted like a total boob. And I’m being really, really nice. So before I move on, if you heard something bad like I did and want to give it a chance because it’s a new local business anyway (like I did), think twice. I rarely complain (and I mean rarely – I usually get embarrassed so don’t bother) but my experience was awful. The server was sweet, and did everything she could, so I’m sorry to the workers there. But baaaad service needs attention. So there it was.  Moving on…

So it’s “spring” here in Happy Valley-Goose Bay! I ventured out today when I got off work, trying to rustle up some images for today’s photo. After the snow we had the last couple days, it was a nice reminder when the sun broke out that it will soon be coming to an end. In like… a month.

The first image is another variation of HDR. I went with the illustration look of the spectrum this time, and produced the image below. I know people say that HDR is nice when it’s not over done, but it’s also a totally different style to over do it on purpose. As in, this is the look that I’m going for. What “they” mean when they say HDR looks crappy when it’s over done is that it looks crappy when someone is overdoing it, not realizing it, and passing it off as a clean photo.

I’m not sure if I posted this link before, but if you want to check out some really excellent HDR work that takes advantage of the illustrated/looks-like-a-painting type of photo, check out Ben Willmore’s work here. The guy’s a genius. He does really solid (the best?) work out there. As well, he lives/travels around on this big vintage bus. How cool is that? He’s also got tutorials out there somewhere if you’re interested. His will make my work look extremely amateur.. which it is.

The second photo is to my family in Texas. I know you had snow there this year ( I think the count was… 3 flakes? I might be wrong there.), but here is a photo of an itsy-bitsy, tiny section of the bay here in town. That’s right. It’s the ocean in spring time. I like it because the sun was going down leaving long tree shadows along the ice, and there were no snow mobile tracks anywhere (is it safe in this area now? – anybody know?), and the clouds were all broken and chaotic. Love the sky when it’s  like this.



2 responses

  1. Aunt Danielle

    That picture is beautiful…. And for the record we had 100 Flakes…. I know because I counted !
    I always thought the Texas Hill Country in spring was the most beautiful place … But I will say that Happy Valley-Goose Bay is right up there with our Hill Country. That picture is so fresh and alive with beauty…. I have to say I think that is the best yet… And you have had some great one in the past.

    Love to all
    Your Auntie

    March 25, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    • Howard

      I stand corrected! : ) 100 snow flakes, it is. Thanks for your comment, Aunt Danielle, I’m glad you like the photo.

      March 25, 2010 at 10:53 pm

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