One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

45/365: Saturday Hike

We took a hike up past the waterfalls again this weekend, this time we brought a crew. It was good fun, but it started getting chilly around the same time we set up a fire and had a snack.  We would have stayed up there a little longer enjoying the scenery and the company if it wasn’t for this fact.  Still, it was  good to get out and take in some fresh air.

On the way back down, (everyone made it without incident – those hills are slick!!), I stopped everyone and had them quickly participate in a photo to help fill my 365 Project needs. I took a few pictures and we realized Dexter wasn’t around. Then he comes running out of nowhere to grab his place in front of the lens. I take the photo, and he disappears into the woods again.  He gave me a chance, and I took it. What you see below is the result.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and thanks for dropping by. Now, get out there and take some pictures.


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