One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

39/365: Dexter & Aiden

Went for another hike again today, it was even warmer than yesterday. + 8 degrees. We had company along again and Dexter made a friend. His name is Aiden, and he’s pictured in the first two photos.

For anyone concerned, I’m deleting the “365 Collection” page of this blog. I realized that the more photos I add to it, the more time it takes to load and the whole point was for people who wanted to see all my photos, to be able to do it quicker and without the blog posts there. But this isn’t the case, and I hate going to websites where it takes forever for photos to load, and I’m assuming you feel the same.  As well, I’ll cut my time doing this project in half  each day by doing just one post and not adding to this collection. I don’t want this project to consume my life.

I also realize that I’ve been putting all the photo information on the “365 Collection” page, (strobist info, lens info, etc.) so in the future,  if one of you want to know how a photo was taken, the lenses used or the flash setups, post processing, then just leave a comment and I’ll post how it was taken. No problem at all. I have no issues sharing anything I do or learn during this project.

So that’s it for today. 39 days into this project, and I realized I have to stream line things a little. Either that, or I’ll start hating this idea. And I don’t, I love this idea. Ok, take care all.

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