One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

34/365: Playing With Light

Today’s photos came from an experiment I tried this evening. I just wanted to play with some back light (flash behind me) combined with other light sources, i.e. candles.  I had an idea for a portrait that involved candles today, but things fell through so I thought I’d actually practice a little and see how it would work out.  I quickly realized (as you can see from the first photo), the tea lights weren’t going to give off the light I would need in this photo. So in the second photo,  I used a reflector I made to bounce some light towards myself. If I messed around a little more and manipulated the reflector a bit, I could probably make it look like the light is actually coming from the tea lights. So here’s  more self portraits.

I really like the use of a flash from behind because it creates that nice light along the edges of a subject. If you look at a lot of portraits,  you will see back lighting used quite a bit. Thanks for dropping by.


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