One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

17/365: Fine Art?

What is Fine Art as it relates to photography? I have no idea. I know if I see something that it could be fine art, but I wouldn’t know how to define it. I just go by feel. Standby, I’m going to ask “the google.”

Ah yes, some vagueness here, but essentially, (according to many articles in Wikipedia) fine art is: “a picture that is produced for sale or display rather than one that is produced in response to a commercial commission.” Another is this: “the production of images to fulfill the creative vision of a photographer…”  That’s just a couple definitions amongst many. Essentially, a photographer takes a picture with the intention of calling it art, the object being to create a feeling or emotion in the person looking at the photograph. I guess to say what fine art photography is, is a little elusive simply because that is the nature of art. What is art, for example? I’m not even going there. I took a picture of my home phone today laying on the floor, with a flash and grid spot pointed at it… that could be art. But then I thought, well, maybe I’ll just try something and I’ll get where the phone is. And Voila!! That is the following picture.

A self portrait? Yes. Fine Art? Could be, I don’t know, that wasn’t my intention. I just needed a picture for today.


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