One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

14/365: Penny

This is Penny, my oldest cat and the mother of Moo-Bear and Molly.  And appropriately, being the oldest pet we have and therefore accustomed to having a camera poked in her face, she is the easiest to take a picture of. All you have to do is pet her, take a few pictures, pet her, take some more and so on. She really doesn’t mind it much, unlike Dexter.  While I think she’s a beautiful cat, like most cats, she’s also got some serious attitude. And like most cats, you do have to pay a price for her attention. Before this picture, she chewed on one of my knuckles with some vigor, then stopped suddenly as if to say, “Ok, now you can take my picture.” Sometimes you have to suffer for your craft. 🙂


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