One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

13/365: Night Walk

My wife finally made it home today, after being delayed for 10 days on the coast of Labrador due to weather. There was a break in the weather, and the plane was able to land and take off before the weather came down again. Lucky. I’m  looking forward to finishing this post so we can spend some time together.

Being under time restraints, I decided to take a quick walk around my neighborhood tonight and take a few pictures. Whatever I got would have to do. I love nighttime photographs of wet street scenes, after a rain fall and such. Something about them speaks to a certain part of me. Usually, the street photos come from large cities and towns. Mine is pretty small but tonight it’s certainly wet, and we have a nice fog laying over us. The tricky thing about night photography is keeping the camera still. It isn’t bad with a tripod, but I hand held these and I shot the following frames at 1/25. I did pretty good, but there were a bunch of pictures with lots of blur and motion.

One more thing before I go. To the people driving along Pleasant Ave. between 8 – 8:30 pm tonight, if you happened to see some dork step into a “puddle”, sink to his knees and fall forward and down in the snow on the side of the road……. that dork was me. As well (quickly after) if anyone happened to see some dork crawling in the water and snow along the side of the road on his elbows and knees, camera clasped tightly in both hands…. that was me as well. At one moment, I’m  a photographer trying to get his daily photo, the next I’m like a marine trying to get through winter survival training. Sheesh.

It doesn’t matter though, my wife is home and the only thing hurt was my pride. Enjoy.


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