One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

9/365: Driving In A Winter Wonderland

I’m on my way back to work after lunch, and I figured I’d snap a few pictures along the way. Of course, it’s from the comfort of my vehicle, and it’s just an experiment anyway. Then I decide to take some pictures on the way home, again just experimenting. Then 7 pm rolls around. And it’s Friday. And my wife hasn’t been able to get home again today because of the weather (it’s been a week now – and I miss her), and this town is smothered in snow, and the snow won’t stop coming down, and it’s been a long week… and I’m whining… Anyway, my drawn out point is this: these are my pictures for today, I had some other ideas but I’m just going to read now, go out later to get some comfort food, chill out and perhaps watch a movie.

Considering these pictures are taken through the windshield, they’re not all that bad. As well, I have family in Texas where they don’t get snow (well, not since around the mid 80’s – although it was close this year), and I’d like to share with them some pictures of this winter wonderland.


One response

  1. Aunt Danielle

    Howie, you really are in a Winter Wonderland. Your pictures are amazing. I do wish we could get just a little taste of snow here in TEXAS!!! Keep up the good work.. I can’t wait for more pictures

    February 12, 2010 at 10:43 pm

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