One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

5/365: Julius

Julius (a.k.a J.J.) is a buddy and co-worker of mine. We happened to be working together today, and I was thinking about what I could shoot  (as I most certainly will be thinking for the next 360 days)? So we finish up the morning and I turn to him and say, “I want to do a picture of you, later.”  J.J shrugs his shoulders and says, “Ok”. This is awesome of course, because I always feel a little tentative about asking someone if I can take their picture. But nothing ventured, nothing gained!

So this was a pleasant surprise! During the afternoon break, I shot 12 frames in about 3 minutes using a home-made grid spot. I kept both the flash and J.J.  in the same place and I moved around a bit. I had the flash about 7 1/2 feet high and about 4 feet away, resting on top of a shower that was waiting to go into a building, and it pointed down at about 45 degrees onto J.J. The first picture is my pick for the project, but there are a couple more I felt deserved showing.

We were in the back of a trailer, and I liked how the cross members in the ceiling caught the light in this next picture. Plus, the home made grid spot worked like a charm.


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