One Year Of Photography by Howard Haby

3/365: French Press

Ah, the French Press. A most simple tool for extracting that essential caffeine out of those cute little roasted beans whose primary purpose is to be ground into (near) dust, soaked with hot water, and to jump-start our day .  Even average, not-so-good coffee is pretty tasty when it is run through the three-leveled, stainless steel strainers. And it’s certainly better than Tim Horton’s coffee, whose establishments dot the Canadian landscape, yet remains hopelessly sub-par.  I can hear my Canuck readers now, “Blasphemer!!“, they’re saying. I’m not saying I don’t drink Tim Hortons coffee, I do. Someone is usually making a run to Tim Hortons just when you feel like you need a little pick-me-up, and it’s cheap.

And I know Tim Hortons  is practically a part of our heritage. You’ve seen the commercials; hockey arenas are full, everyone gripping the brown cups with the red stipe and yellow label. Or, early in the morning hockey parents bring their kids to practice, holding the essential Tim Hortons coffee cup. They talk with the other parents as they watch their son’s and daughters on the ice, and there is a glimpse into the heart of all that is Canadian.  Some of those commercials even touch a part of me deep down somewhere. And for that 30 seconds or so, it seems nice and right, and it seems like Tim Hortons does have a place in the hearts of every Canadian. It belongs somehow. But it still tastes like shite.

Anyway, I had no intentions of bashing Tim Hortons when I started this post. I just thought it was cool how my morning coffee looked red when I placed a flash behind the French Press. As well, I really liked these photos in black and white and I couldn’t let them go. Cheers.


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